The weather varied, with high temps in Canberra, Bunbury, Manly and Newcastle, while Adelaide and Bunbury bore the brunt of wind and some rain. Needless to say, all six Marches were overwhelming successes.

Bendigo, with a population of less than 100,000 people, has raised a whopping $16,000 for Melanoma Institute Australia. This is incredible and the feedback has been amazing, with the committee working tirelessly to put on what was a great event.

It was a beautiful morning in Newcastle, there was a breeze and it was very scenic down near Nobby’s beach. While emotions ran high, the sense of community was undeniable, with everyone supporting one another and all Marching for the same cause. With over 300 people attending the March, Newcastle has broken the $30,000 fundraising tally mark, which is a huge achievement.

Manly had a change of location and added an additional challenge. Participants tackled stand-up-paddle boarding on a 3km loop, while the majority Marched collectively, following the Fairlight walking path. With nearly 500 people registering at Manly, the event was a huge success.

Canberra reached big numbers with over 300 participants attending the March this year. Our country’s capital always produces a great atmosphere for Marchers to show support to those who have been affected by melanoma.

Bunbury, a small town in Western Australia held Melanoma March, and, for the first time ever included a 10km optional running track. In partnership with melanomaWA, Melanoma March Bunbury contributed to raising life-saved funds for melanoma research. Thank you to the committee and to melanomaWA for their continued support.

Thank you to all participants, committee members, supporters and to all. Melanoma March is a time to remember, honour and support those who have had or have melanoma. But there is still work to be done. We still have 7 Marches in various states to go, so let’s not lose momentum. It is time to end melanoma.