Jay was your typical Aussie bloke – a truck driver, husband, dad and mate to many. Then he got melanoma. His cancer diagnosis turned his life upside down, and set him on a path to helping educate others about how to prevent the potentially deadly disease.

“No one wants to get diagnosed with this disease,” Jay says. “My children have seen what I’ve been through, and it’s scary.”

It was Jay’s wife who insisted he have an itchy and bleeding mole on his ankle checked out. Jay thought the mole was just being rubbed by his work boots. It wasn’t. It was melanoma which was 1.95mm deep and had spread to his lymph nodes.

Nine years on, Jay is fighting fit. But he has lost too many friends to melanoma to rest easy. He is committed to educating young Australians, including his own children, about how to be sun-safe. He knows research is the key to ending melanoma for future generations.

Jay’s is the latest in a series of emotive videos launched by Melanoma Institute Australia, showing the impact of melanoma on everyday Australians.  Watch his story below and join him in the fight against melanoma by signing up for a Melanoma March event near you.

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