Get Involved 2019

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Partner with us

Let’s work together to end melanoma

Join Melanoma March as a sponsor for Melanoma Institute Australia’s major annual fundraising campaign to support melanoma research that has over 7000 participants across the nation. Align your brand to a cause that helps 14,000 Australian diagnosed with melanoma each year and leverage our campaign engagement and reach from the grass roots up!

Our partnerships provide businesses access to new markets, increased sales, staff engagement leveraging opportunities and much more.


We can’t do it without you

Melanoma March wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support from all our volunteers.

There’s so many ways for you to lend a hand, including:

Join a volunteer committee at a March near you
• Event logistics
• Marketing & promotion
• Entertainment & catering
• Photography or videography

You can volunteer for as much or as little time as you like, and help you give would be much appreciated! It’s a fun and meaningful way to connect with the Melanoma March community.

Get your company or school involved

Rally the troops

Get your workplace, school, social club involved and organise a team! The bigger, the better! Melanoma March is a great way to engage, give back and create meaningful experiences together. We can help register bulk participants and make sure your entry as a team is as seamless as possible.

Keen to get involved? Email our events team at

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