Meet Madi- The Face of Melanoma March 2018

When Madi was almost four-years-old she lost her dad Peter to melanoma…

When Madi was almost four-years-old she lost her dad Peter to melanoma.

Peter was diagnosed with melanoma after finding a painful lump in his arm in 2014, only shortly after his wife Bettina had received the all-clear from thyroid cancer. They were shattered. Peter’s doctor explained that his was a rare and aggressive form of cancer called nodular melanoma, which presents as lumps. The prognosis was grim.

“Peter regularly had his moles checked but never thought of getting lumps checked,” says Bettina. “Having to explain his doctor visits to our daughter Madi was really difficult. I don’t wish that on anyone.”

What mattered most to Peter was helping protect his then four-year-old daughter Madi who has very fair skin. He wanted to ensure that she could be cured if she ever got melanoma. Before he lost his melanoma battle, Peter donated three of his tumours to Melanoma Institute Australia’s Biospecimen Bank for research. His gift has already produced results, helping researchers understand how nodular melanoma spreads.

Little Madi has regular skin checks and is an expert at covering up and protecting herself from the sun. Taking part in Melanoma March is a perfect way to honour her Dad’s memory and at the same time do her bit to help support melanoma research. Let Madi know she’s not alone – join her by taking part in a Melanoma March near you.

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  1. Madison, what a special little girl you are. Thank you for your great work to make us all aware. Will look forward to meeting you at the Melanoma march.

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