Weekend two hit the ground Marching with Melanoma Marches in Wollongong, Townsville, Mandurah and Western Sydney. The NSW locations and Mandurah were welcomed with beautiful weather, while Townsville faced a few concerns with weather warnings. Feedback has been overwhelming from all four committees and participants praising the running and atmosphere of all four Marches.

Despite tumultuous weather conditions earlier in the week, that didn’t stop the people of Townsville banding together to narch for melanoma. With their fundraising tally over $10,000, the committee and participants all greatly contributed to our worthy and important cause.

Wollongong was graced with nearly 350 people all marching for a cure. Representing Melanoma Institute Australia in their shirts, hats and shades, the March was a great success with Wollongong’s tally breaking over the $30,000 mark!

They may be small but they are mighty Mandurah! Thank you to everyone who marched 5km and those who opted to run 10km for melanoma in Mandurah. The community support is much appreciated. Your time and donations all contribute to vital research, working towards zero deaths from melanoma.

Western Sydney’s location change at Regatta Park was gorgeous on Sunday morning, with the picturesque landscape. There is always a sense of community at Melanoma March Western Sydney, with people remembering and honouring those loved and lost to melanoma.

Thank you to all involved in the preparation and execution of the second weekend of Marches! The photos look wonderful, the tally is growing and we are all working together to end melanoma.