Fundraising Tips

Help us move closer to our goal of zero deaths from melanoma

Here are some simple tips to help boost your fundraising.

  • Make a donation yourself
    Get the ball rolling by donating to your own page. People are more likely to donate the same amount (or more) as they follow your example!

  • SMS friends and family
    Fundraisers who share their page by SMS raise 46% more than those who don’t! Share your page with friends and family first to help boost the average donation. Simply view your page on a mobile and click ‘share by SMS’.

  • Email your friends
    Send an email to your family, friends, and workmates encouraging them to support your fundraising efforts and include the link to your fundraising page.

  • Share your page on Facebook
    Post a link to your fundraising page on Facebook to let your friends know you’re taking steps to beat this killer disease.

  • Connect with your workplace
    When you visit your fundraising page, you’ll see a “donate from your pay” button. If your employer (or your supporters’ employers) appears in the list, then you can donate through your pay, pre-tax, through Workplace Giving.

  • Personalise your page
    Upload an image of yourself and explain in your own words why you’re fundraising to help us reach zero deaths from melanoma.