Stop Glamourising Tanning

Our Melanoma March events have a proud history of bringing communities together to SUPPORT loved ones, RAISE FUNDS for research, and RAISE AWARENESS about melanoma. This year we’re also asking our passionate Melanoma March community to advocate to STOP THE GLAMOURISATION OF TANNING.

A tan is skin cells in trauma, and the glamourisation of tanning in advertising, social media and media is promoting a behaviour which we know kills.

MIA’s Co-Medical Directors, Professor Georgina Long AO and Professor Richard Scolyer AO, put the issue on the national agenda at the National Press Club in September last year. We are buoyed by the recent groundswell of support for change - TikTok was the first to step up, adding sun safe messaging to its platform and launching its Tanning. That’s Cooked campaign, and a petition is circulating to ban advertising of pro-tanning products. You can sign here.

But more needs to be done. We ask our Melanoma March community to step up and amplify our calls for change. Each Melanoma March event will have STOP GLAMOURISING TANNING stickers for participants to wear proudly. We also urge you to call out the glamourisation of tanning when you see it. Together, we can tackle Australia’s tanning culture.

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