The Brazier Boys’ Story

The Brazier family, from the NSW Northern Tablelands, didn’t know much about melanoma until father of four Mark as diagnosed with the disease in 2015.

Mark’s melanoma progressed rapidly and he passed away the following year. Not wanting to see other families go through what they had, Mark’s four sons – Angus, Harrison, Thomas and Hugo – decided to raise money for research into the disease. They launched ‘Five Cent Friday’, a community fundraising campaign that swept across NSW and raised more than $25,000 for Melanoma Institute Australia.

‘Hopefully, this money can help save lives so no one else has to die from melanoma,’ said Angus. The boys and their mother Kath aren’t stopping there. They are also selflessly sharing their story as part of the Melanoma March 2019 campaign and hosting their very own Melanoma March in Guyra!

Time won’t stand still for families affected by melanoma – Neither will we. Join the Brazier family in the March for a cure!

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